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About Sunni Ali

Since my teaching journey as a professor at Northeastern Illinois University (NEIU) and twenty years of secondary education teaching, I have dedicated my scholarship to this type of work. A scholarship that speaks to the need for educators to apply a culturally responsive pedagogy that transforms spaces to anti-bigotry settings.
The goal of my research has sought to evoke an honest and meaningful conversation in school to crush racial ignorance and bigotry while increasing people’s intellectual capital.

Although the tenets of a culturally responsive education manifest from the great scholar, Gloria Ladson-Billings, I have sought to strengthen her theory stressing the critical importance of educators and students valuing what they are teaching and learning. I refer to this as a culturally responsive value driven pedagogy (CVD).
A CVD does more than have educators and students value the curriculum to feel good; it also creates a cultural lens for students to guide, interpret, navigate, and assess their learning experience. Without doing so, students can quite often have a great relationship with a teacher, but not necessarily like the material or content, they are learning.

When educators, students, and administrators value a curriculum, they seek resourceful tools necessary to deconstruct lessons and find meaning to impact and empower society. Teachers, students, and parents are the most powerful transmitters of a curriculum knowledge and should become empowered to develop responsive practices in school communities.


Present Associate Professor, Northeastern University ‐ EICS


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