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Unpublished Paper
Four hours passed from 8am today until noon
NA (2019)
  • Alexander Jackson, Boise State University
What would it be for time’s passage to be a metaphysically fundamental aspect of reality? Plausibly, what it is for time to pass is for particular amounts of time to pass between pairs of times. So I propose that there are metaphysically fundamental facts of the form: amount of time tpasses from time T1until time T2. For example, it is a fundamental fact that: four hours passed from 8am today until noon. I argue that the proposal is compatible with both A-theories and B-theories of time. The proposed ideology takes on an inflationary or deflationary flavour depending on the other ideology with which it is combined in one’s theory of time. I explain how A-theories and B-theories that incorporate the proposed view of passage differ from the standard views in the literature. In particular, the resulting A-theory rejects several orthodox metaphysical assumptions, yet it attractively articulates our pre-relativistic conception of time.
  • passage of time,
  • A-theory of time.,
  • metaphysics,
  • B-theory of time
Publication Date
April 9, 2019
Citation Information
Alexander Jackson. "Four hours passed from 8am today until noon" NA (2019)
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