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Hip-Hop librarianship for scholarly communication: An approach to introducing topics
IUPUI University Library (2019)
  • Arthur J Boston
This session compares major topics from scholarly communication and trends in Hip-Hop, with the objective of providing lessons and examples for effective teaching. By discussing Hip-Hop artists as impact-minded authors of copyrighted works navigating a marketplace newly-disrupted by Internet technology, it may be possible for students to bring their existing knowledge about the popular genre, and apply it to a new understanding of the scholarly communication environment. 
Examples: Copyright, Fair Use, and Mac Miller; Prohibitive Pricing, Piracy, and Kanye West; Author's Rights, First Distribution, and Beyoncé; Open Access, Repositories, and Chance The Rapper.
  • library; information science; scholarly communication; hip-hop; scholarly publishing
Publication Date
Summer October 26, 2019
Indianapolis, Indiana
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Arthur J Boston. "Hip-Hop librarianship for scholarly communication: An approach to introducing topics" IUPUI University Library (2019)
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