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Adorno on Science and Nihilism, Animals, and Jews
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  • Babette Babich, Fordham University

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Babette Babich, “Adorno on Science and Nihilism, Animals, and Jews,” Symposium: Canadian Journal of Continental Philosophy/Revue canadienne de philosophie continentale, Vol. 14, No. 1, (2011). 1-36.

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No less than Heidegger or Nietzsche, Adorno had his own critical notions of truth/untruth. But Adorno’s readers are unsettled by the barest hint of anything that might be taken to be anti-science. Thus it is argued that Adorno opposes not science but scientism. But, and here not unlike Arendt, Adorno argued that so-called “scientistic” tendencies are the very conditions of society and of scientific thought.” I ask how we are to read Adorno by exploring his thought on animals and nihilism.
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Babette Babich. "Adorno on Science and Nihilism, Animals, and Jews" (2011)
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