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Performance Landscapes for Active Youth.
Landscape Architecture Conference Proceedings and Papers
  • Benjamin A Shirtcliff, Iowa State University
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EDRA 47: Innovation Shifting Ground
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Environmental Design Research Association 47: Innovation Shifting Ground
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May 18-21, 2016
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As a counter-point to the need for researchers using "big data" to engage in complex statistical analyses, here I suggest that big data also opens the door to rich, qualitative analysis. Access to hundreds of hours of video uploaded every minute from 75 countries and 61 languages provides an unprecedented opportunity to delve deeper into how designed environments are interpreted to support social and cultural diversity in cities. The approach follows recommendations by Cushing (2015) for landscape architecture to develop as "a research-oriented profession with broad social relevance." Cushing cites Low (1981), who similarly called for "more socially responsive design" in a paper that responded to the need for a research methodology in landscape architecture to engage at the "individual level".


This abstract was published as Shirtcliff, B. 2016. “Performance Landscapes for Active Youth.” presentation at Environmental Design Research Association in Raleigh, N.C., May 18-21, 2016. Posted with permission.

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Environmental Design Research Association
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Benjamin A Shirtcliff. "Performance Landscapes for Active Youth." Raleigh(2016) p. 173 - 174
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