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The Hunger Games are playing on loop— And I am tired of watching
  • Brianna R. Burke, Iowa State University
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Say you wanted to take over the world—how would you do it? Let’s agree it looks much like the world we live in today, where some countries hold inordinate power over the lives of people in others; where global systematic racism, the shameful legacy of colonization and imperialism, has contrived to keep many humans poor and struggling. Now, let’s add climate change to that picture. How would you take over the world as landmasses slip underwater due to rising ocean levels, storms become more and more destructive, droughts decimate the agricultural stability of multiple countries (like in Syria, for example), and resources become more and more scarce?


This blog is published as Burke, B., The Hunger Games Are Playing on Loop— And I Am Tired of Watching. OUPblog, 12(2015). Posted with permission.

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Brianna R. Burke. "The Hunger Games are playing on loop— And I am tired of watching" OUPblog Vol. 12 (2015)
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