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Hungary's Illiberal Turn: Can Outsiders Help?
Journal of Democracy (2012)
  • Cas Mudde, University of Georgia
  • Erin K. Jenne, Central European University

Since the conservative FIDESZ won the 2010 Hungarian elections, the new government under Premier Victor Orban has begun an unprecedented reform of the country's political system, strongly undermining the fundamentals of liberal democracy. With the opposition parties discredited, the only hope is in a slowly developing civil society. This article looks at what the international community (in particular the EU) can do to pressure the Hungarian government to respect liberal democracy and to strengthen the democratic opposition.

Publication Date
July, 2012
Citation Information
Cas Mudde and Erin K. Jenne. "Hungary's Illiberal Turn: Can Outsiders Help?" Journal of Democracy Vol. 23 Iss. 3 (2012)
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