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Resisting the Globalization of Speciesism: Vegan Abolitionism as a Site for Consumer-Based Social Change
Globalization and Social Movements
  • Corey Lee Wrenn, Colorado State University
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Globalization has exacerbated speciesism both socially and economically. Veganism and its subsequent labeling schemes have arisen as an important political site of resistance to growing non-human animal inequality. This paper explores globalization‘s impact on non-human animals, veganism and vegan labeling, as well as important divides within the modern non-human animal rights movement in regards to utopian and pragmatic approaches to alleviating growing speciesism.
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Wrenn, C. L. (2011). Resisting the globalization of speciesism: Vegan abolitionism as a site for consumer-based social change. Journal for Critical Animal Studies, 9(3), 9-27.