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From libertarian to 'Ron Paul' Republican (2008)
  • Craig J Westover

Amid the footballs and Frisbees and flags flying over the soccer field at the National Sports Center in Blaine; among the young families sitting on blankets, the older couples comfortably ensconced in canvas lawn chairs, the people of all ages decked out in revolutionary-era garb, Ron Paul and anti-war T-shirts, and red, white and blue in a cacophony of fashion statements, a bald head bobbed along the lengthy beer line snaking along what is normally a soccer field sideline. John Cunningham, looking every bit the 52-year-old Republican (alternate) delegate he is in a gray suit and conservative tie, passed out his campaign literature at the Ron Paul Nation Celebration on Monday night. While rock and country singers entertained the assembly (estimated by stadium personnel at between 3,000 and 5,000), Cunningham worked the crowd, making the case why he should be the congressman from the 7th District in Massachusetts.

  • Libertarians,
  • Ron Paul
Publication Date
September 2, 2008
Citation Information
Craig J Westover. "From libertarian to 'Ron Paul' Republican" (2008)
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