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Going Pro: Success Stories
Atlanta Emerging Librarians Quarterly Meeting (2013)
  • Ashley Dupuy, Kennesaw State University
  • Eli Arnold, Kennesaw State University
  • Casey Long, Agnes Scott College
  • Oscar Gittemeier
  • Traci Drummond, Georgia State University

“Going Pro: Success Stories” is the third and final installment of Atlanta Emerging Librarians' 3-part series on becoming a professional librarian.This event will focus on stories from the front with five successful librarians sharing their experiences, insights, and advice. Our panelists include librarians and archivists from academic and public libraries.

Publication Date
Fall November 2, 2013
Citation Information
Ashley Dupuy, Eli Arnold, Casey Long, Oscar Gittemeier, et al.. "Going Pro: Success Stories" Atlanta Emerging Librarians Quarterly Meeting (2013)
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