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Street Life in London: Context and Commentary
Art and Visual Culture Books
  • Emily Morgan, Iowa State University

This book is the first-ever in-depth analysis of the genesis, development and context of Smith and Thomson’s innovative publication. Now regarded as a pioneering photo-text and a foundational work of socially conscious photography – “one of the most significant and far-reaching photobooks in the medium’s history” (The Photobook: A History) – Street Life in London did not achieve commercial success in its own time. In Street Life in London we see the start, but not the conclusion, of a conversation between text and image in the service of education, reportage and social justice.

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MuseumsEtc Ltd

This book is published as Morgan, E., Street Life in London: Context and Commentary. 2014. MuseumsEtc. Posted with permission.

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Emily Morgan. Street Life in London: Context and Commentary. (2014)
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