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Non-English Materials for the English Speaker : European Languages
Faculty Scholarship
  • Erin Gow, University of Louisville
Document Type
Conference Presentation
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So many legal materials are in languages other than English worldwide, that it is inevitable that most of us will need to find or access one of these documents at some point. Foreign, comparative, and international law (FCIL) librarians often work with materials in languages in which they are not fluent, and can provide useful ideas and insight for the non-FCIL specialist faced with this type of research. This portion of a 2019 AALL webinar titled "Non-English Materials for the English Speaker" focuses on European languages, and provides practical guidance in finding English translations of European laws, tips and techniques for gathering enough understanding about a European legal document to identify whether it is relevant to a research question, and where to find help.

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Originally presented as part of "Non-English Materials for the English Speaker," an American Association of Law Libraries webinar on 6 June 2019 (