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Unpublished Paper
Paramilitary Language in the Colombian Armed Conflict
Working Paper LANGUAGE PHILOSOPHY (2010)
  • Fernando Estrada

The war in Colombia presents, among other characteristics, a high content of oratorical and rhetoric; the different armed actors are disputed, besides territories, the power of the public opinion, with what each violent action is usually accompanied by a discursive or symbolic justification. The present rehearsal offers an analysis of the paramilitary speech, starting from the declarations and interviews to Carlos Castaño, main boss of the selfdefenses. The paramilitary rhetoric is studied here from the theory of the speech acts of Austin-Searle, the theory of the argument of Chaïm Perelman, and the recent works has more than enough Metaphors of Lakoff- Johnson-Fauconnier. The descriptive analysis of the argumentational techniques and the stratagems of the speech, it throws interesting results to understand partially, the serious reining confusion in the Colombian armed conflict.

  • The War in Colombia,
  • Paramilitaries,
  • Language and Communication
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Fernando Estrada. "Paramilitary Language in the Colombian Armed Conflict" Working Paper LANGUAGE PHILOSOPHY (2010)
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