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Unpublished Paper
Financial theory has a paradigm a la Kuhn?
  • Fernando Estrada

This article aims to discuss two issues relatively linked. The first is an evaluation of the concept of paradigm of T. Kuhn in his representative work: The Structure of Scientific Revolutions ERC, [Ku96] and the complementary version by W. Stegmüller, Structure and dynamics of theories EDT, [Steg83]. This refined interpretation of the concept of paradigm allows for a more complete set of central Kuhnian concept. The second objective is to analyze the scope of the Kuhnian concept of models to evaluate financial explanation. Is explored preliminarily proposed fractal models / multifractal (F / M) of Mandelbrot [Mand97, 82, 02, 05]. This second goal just answered the question analyzed in the field of philosophy of science: Financial theory has a paradigm a la Kuhn?

  • Paradigm,
  • Financial,
  • Kuhn,
  • Economics,
  • Mandelbrot,
  • Stegmüller,
  • Epistemology.
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Fernando Estrada. "Financial theory has a paradigm a la Kuhn?" Working Paper FINANCIAL EPISTEMOLOGY (2010)
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