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Senate Filibuster list 1901-2008.xlsx
  • Gregory Koger
These data are based on the coding scheme described in my 2010 book, Filibustering. I identified filibusters by scanning several key publications for references to filibusters in the U.S. Senate from 2001 to 2004; this dataset includes an update to 2008.
  • U.S. Senate,
  • filibuster,
  • obstruction
Publication Date
December 6, 2017
The description for each filibuster is based on the descriptive term(s) used by the media, so bill numbers and titles are used when available but otherwise may be more general terms that had specific meaning at the time (e.g. "the tariff bill"). The "number of articles" column sums the number of articles referring to the filibuster across all sources, comprising a rough measure of salience.
Citation Information
Gregory Koger. "Senate Filibuster list 1901-2008.xlsx" (2017)
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