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Unpublished Paper
Property Rights, Land Disputes and Social Discontent in Sudan
Munich University Liberary, Germany (2010)
  • Professor Issam A.W. Mohamed

Under the present civil Sudanese conditions, the country endures many hardships which are manifested in economic retraction, inflation, recession and stagflation. However, those are not the sole reasons for the sporadic conflicts that infest the people. Illegitimate property and economic hoardings seem to be inflaming the Sudanese societies. Social conflicts are manifested in simple man's daily complaints to open rebellions. Most academicians agree on one point, that the society endures abnormal conditions. The current paper delves into land disputes in the South Kordofan region and displays there anomalies affecting the Sudanese state of affairs. The economic and social structures are affecting the civil society which is drained of the basic available capital and livelihood, land. The study concluded that it is necessary to promote new ways of protecting land rights. If not more civil mutinies will erupt.

  • Sudan,
  • Institutional Structure,
  • Deformaties,
  • Land Disputes,
  • Civil Conflict
Publication Date
This paper was written two years ago. I introduced it to a seminar and to my students. The continuous erosion of basic human and civil rights was serious and my prophesy was that it will eventually lead to civil conflict. Though I am late to deposit it here, the vision was truly, civil war erupted in the Nuba Mountains and Blue Nile provinces in the ugliest possible forms. There is no visible end except the division of the country where the professed policies described here lead to civil strive that threatens to extent to other parts of the country.
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Professor Issam A.W. Mohamed. "Property Rights, Land Disputes and Social Discontent in Sudan" Munich University Liberary, Germany (2010)
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