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Unpublished Paper
Politics, Hegemony and Survival in Sudan
  • Professor Issam A.W. Mohamed

Since the beginning of the year 2010, the political crisis of Sudan expands everyday. The inevitable secession of Southern Sudan amplifies with the chronic crisis of Abyei pocket between the north and the south. However, most analysts vocalize their astonishment at irrational official behavior as the de facto state of war that currently prevails in the country and call it pure stupidity. In this paper we analyze what is behind the regime structure and the conception of the Hakimya that makes their regime fortified from accepting rationality, resilience and sense of truth to respond for solutions and help of the international society.

  • Sudan,
  • Institutions,
  • Hegemony,
  • Political Crisis,
  • Internal Disputes,
  • Disintegration
Publication Date
Winter February 16, 2010
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Professor Issam A.W. Mohamed. "Politics, Hegemony and Survival in Sudan" (2010)
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