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  • Katherine Avra, University of Kentucky
Teacher planning is a necessary process by which educators establish, facilitate, monitor, and evaluate lessons and learning within their classroom.  For art educators, sketchbooks have been a foundational pillar in art curricula. The sketchbook has a lengthy legacy of yielding common, structured assignments. However, recent considerations have reframed sketchbook practices.  Contemporary analysis has produced a pedagogical shift in approaches to sketchbooks and planning for sketchbook inclusion in the classroom. The sketch-plan book offers art teachers a streamlined resource to collect and maintain lesson ideas and inclusions, track on-going lessons, and plan for future teaching and learning. The purpose of this work is to explore an art teacher’s sketch-plan book usage as a resource and tool in the secondary art room. 
  • Art Education,
  • Sketchbook,
  • Teacher Planning
Publication Date
Spring April 8, 2019
Masters of Art
Field of study
Art Education
Fine Arts
Dr. George Szekely
Citation Information
Katherine Avra. "Avra_K_Thesis.pdf" (2019)
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