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About Leigh Tesfatsion

Leigh Tesfatsion received a Ph.D. degree in economics from the University of Minnesota, Mpls., in 1975, with a minor supporting program in mathematics. She is currently Professor of Economics at Iowa State University with courtesy appointments as Professor of Mathematics and Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Her current research focuses on three topics: (1) the study of new contract designs for electric power markets to facilitate the increased penetration of renewable energy resources and the management of systemic risks; (2) the study of water and climate change issues with the ultimate goal of facilitating watershed sustainability through community engagement; and (3) the development of Agent-Based Computational Economics (ACE) software platforms to facilitate the study of coupled physical, natural, and human systems, such as electric power systems and watersheds. She has published a wide variety of research articles on these and related topics in journals, edited books, and conference proceedings.

She currently serves as an Editorial Board member for Edward Elgar's New Dimensions in Networks Book Series, for the International Journal of Microsimulation, and for Foundations and Trends in Energy Markets. She also serves as Associate Editor for the Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control (JEDC), the Journal of Economic Interaction and Coordination, and the Journal of Energy Markets, and is a past associate editor for Applied Mathematics and Computation (1991-2008), the Journal of Public Economic Theory (1997-2006), and the IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation (IEEE-TEC) (1996-2002). She has guest-edited special issues on ACE for the JEDCComputational Economics, and the IEEE-TEC. From 2002-2004 she was a consultant for the Los Alamos National Laboratory. From 1996-2004 she served as contributing co-editor in charge of the Complexity-at-Large section of the journal Complexity.


Present Professor, Iowa State University Department of Economics

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