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“Don’t Touch My Hair or But You Don’t Seem Gay!: Microaggressions in the Library Workplace”
Librarian Research
  • Lori Thompson, Marshall University
  • Lindsey M. Harper, Marshall University
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Conference Proceeding
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This presentation broadly focuses on microaggressions, implicit bias, and communication strategies to address these statements. This presentation provides the history and background of microaggressions research and lists some relevant terms to better understand the literature. Next, this presentation examines the overall impact that microaggressions have on individuals on the receiving end of the comments, as well as how it affects those in the LIS profession specifically. Then, this presentation suggests how to respond to microaggressions, including communication strategies for both bystanders and those on the receiving end. Finally, this presentation examines how to best address microaggressions, and notes the importance of validating the lived experiences of people from underrepresented groups.


Copyright © 2019 Thompson and Harper. All rights reserved.

Citation Information
Thompson, Lori and Harper, Lindsey M. “Don’t Touch My Hair or But You Don’t Seem Gay!: Microaggressions in the Library Workplace.” Keynote address presented at the West Virginia Northern Library Network Annual Meeting, Morgantown, West Virginia, May, 2019.