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Unpublished Paper
Rape Culture.docx
  • Lynell Hodge
Rape culture is a highly contested topic often framed by sexual assault as a central focus. As result, when feminists and social justice activists attempt to have a more expansive conversation to include coercive relationships or street harassment it isn’t always received well. In some cases the conversation is labeled as divisive. Having a rape culture discussion can be already contentious, there is also a subgroup of women who lean anti-rape culture rhetoric. Rape culture requires an understanding of the normalization of violence due to the pervasiveness of sexism. As a result, exploring why women deny rape culture’s social impact is crucial to dismantling patriarchal structures that encourage and maintain matrices of oppression.
  • rape culture,
  • sexism,
  • horizontal sexism,
  • feminist theory,
  • patriarchy
Publication Date
Fall December, 2019
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Lynell Hodge. "Rape Culture.docx" (2019)
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