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Rendering to God and Caesar: Critical Readings for American Government
Faculty Books
  • Mark Caleb Smith, Cedarville University
  • Jewerl Maxwell, Cedarville University
  • Marc A. Clauson, Cedarville University
  • Kevin F. Sims, Cedarville University
  • David L. Rich, Cedarville University
  • Andrew Travis

Co-Editors: Mark Caleb Smith, Jewerl Maxwell, Marc Clauson, Kevin Sims, David Rich and Andrew Travis

School or Department
History and Government
Publisher's Note

Excerpt used by permission of Sheffield Publishing Company

To understand American government is, at minimum, to recognize religion's profound influence on our culture and, by extension, our politics." So state the editors of this outstanding collection of 55 readings that survey the function and purpose of American government from its founding to the present. Rendering to God and Caesar is mostly comprised of primary sources, including founding documents, Supreme Court cases, and momentous speeches. Grouped into six unifying sections with introductions that tie the individual works together and point to their significance, each article is introduced as well by brief comments to highlight specific features or issues. Designed to whet the reader's appetite for exploring the rich American governmental heritage-from The Mayflower Compact and excerpts from the writing of de Tocqueville and Rothbard to commentary about civil liberties and Barack Obama's speech about his own understanding of how religion should influence politics-the collection is sure to generate controversy and lead to lively classroom discussion.
  • American government,
  • readings
Publication Date
Sheffield Publishing Company
Citation Information
Mark Caleb Smith, Jewerl Maxwell, Marc A. Clauson, Kevin F. Sims, et al.. Rendering to God and Caesar: Critical Readings for American Government. Salem, WI(2014)
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