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Women & Language: Essays on Gendered Communication Across Media
  • Melissa A. Ames, Eastern Illinois University

The present volume of essays examines women's communication as it has evolved historically across multiple mediums. Part I explores how women became "gossip girls" and the important role of gossip in the perception and practice of female communication. Essays in Part II cover the convergence of oral and written communication in women's literature. Gendered performance in such arenas as salsa dance, Dr. Phil and the Internet is examined in Part III, and essays in Part IV discuss women's communication in the technology-rich 21st century. This excerpt features the introduction and one essay from the co-editor.

  • Orality,
  • Gender,
  • Communication,
  • Media,
  • Literature,
  • Popular Culture,
  • Technology
Publication Date
Melissa Ames & Sarah Himsel-Burcon
Citation Information
Melissa A. Ames. Women & Language: Essays on Gendered Communication Across Media. Jefferson, NC(2011)
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