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Populism during the Estado Novo
Acervo (2017)
  • Michael L Conniff, San Jose State University
Although the elections were suppressed during the Estado Novo, some politicians gained valuable experience with techniques that would later be called populism. This article describes the creation of this style by Mayor Pedro Ernesto and the careers of six other leaders called populists. We conclude that the Vargas regime really helped the rise of populism.
  • Populism,
  • New state,
  • Vargas
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Publisher Statement
This article was originally published in Acervo Volume 30, Issue 2 by Arquivo Nacional on 2017. It is also available online at this link.

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Michael L Conniff. "Populism during the Estado Novo" Acervo Vol. 30 Iss. 2 (2017) p. 36 - 48 ISSN: 0102-700X
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