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The Morrígan: A Trinity United
Phi Alpha Theta Regional Conference (2010)
  • Olivia L Blessing

The eeriness of Poe’s words has echoed down throughout the years to enthrall generation after generation with the verses’ sense of dismay, desperation, and fatality. Yet many have forgotten that, centuries earlier, the Celts were telling their own tales of shadowy ravens and tragic futures foretold. Many remain in the form of legends about their goddess of war—Morrígan. This goddess was a complex, triune character; comprehending the entirety of her power and importance in the Celtic myths requires an in-depth examination of her appearances in the old legends and the impact those tales had on the Celts.

  • Morrigan,
  • Morrígan,
  • The Morrígan,
  • Badb,
  • Macha,
  • Nemain,
  • Morrighan,
  • Morigan,
  • Morighan,
  • Raven,
  • Blood,
  • War,
  • Celtic,
  • Deity,
  • Godess,
  • Mythology,
  • Myth,
  • Legend,
  • Celts,
  • Irish,
  • Irish History,
  • Godess of War,
  • Bloodshed
Publication Date
Spring 2010
Citation Information
Olivia L Blessing. "The Morrígan: A Trinity United" Phi Alpha Theta Regional Conference (2010)
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