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Economies of Scope for Microfinance: Differences Across Output Measures
Pacific Economic Review (2010)
  • Valentina Hartarska, Auburn University Main Campus
  • christopher parmeter, University of Miami
  • Denis Nadolynak, Auburn University Main Campus
  • Beibei Zhu

In banking, scope economies of mobilizing deposits and lending are often estimated, while consideration of the same measures for microfinance institutions (MFI) is still in its infancy. An open issue remains regarding what characterizes an output of an MFI. Moreover, depending on the output used, do estimated scope economies differ? We use a novel data set for over 800 MFI across more than 70 countries to estimate economies of scope. Our findings suggest that statistical differences arise between estimates of scope economies. However, our qualitative findings indicate that both of these measures provide similar overviews of the landscape of scope economies for MFI.

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Valentina Hartarska, christopher parmeter, Denis Nadolynak and Beibei Zhu. "Economies of Scope for Microfinance: Differences Across Output Measures" Pacific Economic Review Vol. 15 Iss. 4 (2010)
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