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Landslide - Interview with the Descendants of Titsian Tabidze
Guernica (2010)
  • Rebecca Gould
  • literary modernism,
  • poetry,
  • Georgia,
  • post-Soviet literature,
  • censorship
Publication Date
Publisher Statement
“Landslide,” (interview with daughter and granddaughter of the Georgian modernist poet Titsian Tabidze, d. 1937), Guernica: A Magazine of Art & Politics (August 2010). (Listed as a notable article on Arts & Letters Daily, The Fortnightly Review, and Georgia Daily; included in “Top 25 Guernica Articles for 2010”).
Citation Information
Rebecca Gould. "Landslide - Interview with the Descendants of Titsian Tabidze" Guernica (2010)
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