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Non-Linear Controls Project Report
  • Rachit Bhatia, Utah State University
  • Dr. Randall Christensen, Utah State University
This article is a review of the paper titled “A Globally Stable Lyapunov Pointing and Rate Controller for
the Magnetospheric MultiScale Mission (MMS)” by Neerav Shah (2011).1 Here, an attempt has been made
to replicate the results from the paper by Shah (2011), and an interpretation of the results has been presented,
in the light of the theoretical background covered in the Non-Linear controls course (MAE7730).
  • Lyapunov Controller,
  • Magnetospheric MultiScale Mission,
  • Non-Linear Controller,
  • Spacecraft Attitude Controller
Publication Date
Spring May 3, 2018
Citation Information
Rachit Bhatia and Randall Christensen. "Non-Linear Controls Project Report" (2018)
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