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Story of an Intern
Zorba Publishers Pvt Ltd (2013)
  • Ratnesh Dwivedi, Mr
“Story Of an Intern” tells you the story of an young boy who manages to get an internship in a global media giant. His struggles and amazements begins when he finds himself out of internship and struggles to get a foothold in media. In the way he analyzes the odds and evens of Indian media industry and media tycoons while most of the time finding himself rejected. His experiences while in search of a job carries him to different places and allows him to meet some interesting people who makes an imprint on his life and he finds himself falling in to some odd situation which can be decisive moments in the destiny of religiously divided society. Finally he gets satisfaction and his cynicism gets a platform when he comes across his life mate and finds a job in his dream city. His story is story of any freshly pass out media scholar, who sees both the bright and dark side of revolution in Indian media. It can be anyone’s story, as in rapidly growing media industry there is still quite big challenge for freshers. “Story of an Intern” tries to put a bias less picture of today’s media and media people without any intention to hurt any organization or individual. “Each individual’s life is a story, if penned beautifully then could be an inspiration for many” is the line which made me think to write down my own story. Believe me I avoided my thoughts to write down my story starting from my birth place in a rather spiritual but disputed place ,Ayodhya to the capital of India, but last I found that there are some elements which must be heard by a section of society, hence I decided to write. There has been many ups and downs in my life, many potholes and then some achievements which can be a story of any next individual in your neighborhood. I was born in an aristocratic Brahmin family where education was given a primary importance, but what it took me to finally reach to my goal is an unending story. Story that could have been a very personal experience in big bad media world. Many of us, rather all of us aspire to be an achiever but few make it to the destiny. I do not know whether or not I have achieved something if we count it on a scale of upbringing of a kid in the surroundings and atmosphere of a backward and rather religious town, which has seen the bloody battle over a temple cum mosque, which later on changed the political destiny of the country, but I must admit that in the journey I learnt something which is rare and remarkable. It all was due to support of family, friends and big and small people who came across in this journey. They made an imprint on my life and helped me to finally gain me a shape from where I train and polish this new younger and bright generation. The Journey was tough and so was traveler as I often say,but experiences gained are exceptional. From a tiny religious town of Ayodhya to a dream city Delhi where you often are lost in the way of achieving something and often are mistaken wrongly by people of big bad media world,I kept my shoulders over my head through the series of rejections, despair and disappointment. Thanks to few people around me. In mid way I saw stories of hope,courage,mysticism and misery in the wonderland India . The chapters may be many in number in this book,but they are kept short and precise and well connected with the next chapter,so the travelers of this journey will like to travel through the potholes along with me. People with whom I met and who are the part of this journey are remarkable. They are unique in many sense. Ram Chandra Paramhans was one individual who challenged the entire system on his rigidness to built a glorious Ram Temple in Ayodhya. His uniqueness of fighting and travelling together with Muslim counterparts is a lession for many hardliners in today’s time. Ami Vitale is a remarkable photojournalist with lots of courage and hope. She had many times penetrated the remotest part of the world all alone in search of stories untold by now. Anita Pratap was the first lady head of CNN and first one to interview Velupillai Prabhakaran in his peak days. She has been my inspiration. Rajdeep Sardesai has shaped today’s TV journalism and I am thankful that we met at few occasions .Organizations like BBC which sheltered me for two month and still I find lots of hope in this organization has inspired me (not helped) to go to listen to the people who are part of this story. NASA finally heard me by giving me some opportunities to attend its prestigious conferences .Places like Ayodhya,Delhi,Noida,Dehradun and Bangalore have been my home in this long battle and I will never forget to mention the stories of these places. Then are the people whose stories I have told in this journey. Myself as protagonist and all those who came in midway are themselves are like a readable material. I have tried to listen and tell the stories of all made an imprint in my life. Last I must admit that in these chapters you will find the stories of all shades of life. My elder brother has been sole source of my shelter through my dark days and long battle with joblessness. My parents who gave me birth and helped me to fight this battle are also my mentors. My wife has given me a lot of time and patience to share my difficulties and so is my infant son. I am thankful to all who inspired me to write this wonderful story of an Intern. Word of thank to my publisher without whose support this story would not have reached to all of you. Wish you very best on this Journey.
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Publication Date
Summer June 30, 2013
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Ratnesh Dwivedi. "Story of an Intern" Zorba Publishers Pvt Ltd (2013)
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