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Be an Ally for Accessibility: Tips for All Librarians
College & Research Libraries News
  • Shawn McCann, Oakland University
  • Rebeca Peacock, Boise State University
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Accessibility is a concern for librarians in digital as well as physical spaces, and we have a responsibility to uphold the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). However, regardless of legal requirements, librarians endeavour to make content available to everyone. People with disabilities are no exception. While some of the more complex accessibility issues should be left to instructional technologists and web developers, there are plenty of things that anyone posting content online can do to increase content accessibility. Here are five tips that we have found useful for creating guides, posting handouts in our Learning Management System (LMS), building online tutorials, or similar activities.

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Shawn McCann and Rebeca Peacock. "Be an Ally for Accessibility: Tips for All Librarians" College & Research Libraries News (2019)
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