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Undergraduate Mentor Demographic Summary
University Studies Assessment Research
  • Jacob Coppola, Portland State University
  • Rowanna L. Carpenter, Portland State University
Document Type
Publication Date
  • Program evaluation in education,
  • Curriculum-based assessment

Undergraduate Mentors in Freshman Inquiry are placed in a unique position of influence. With each spending one entire year working with a single class, mentors will color the educational experience of over 1,200 Portland State freshmen each year. Given this significant role, it is important that mentors are demographically representative of the PSU student body. By compiling this report, we hope to better understand the composition of the Undergraduate Mentor population, as well as identity possible areas of representational imbalance.

Citation Information
Jacob Coppola and Rowanna L. Carpenter. "Undergraduate Mentor Demographic Summary" (2011)
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