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Diversifying the STEM Education to Career Pathway!!!
Faculty Publications & Research
  • Adrienne Coleman, Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy
  • Sowmya Anjur, Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy
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Conference Paper/Presentation
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Education has always been a privilege. Most of us do not realize this. Opposition to the implementation of diversity and social equity has littered history. Many modern inventions and improvements were conceived under circumstances that included dire poverty and social inequity. The Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy recognizes and acknowledges the historical underrepresentation and marginalization of culturally, linguistically, and economically diverse groups, both universally, and particularly, in STEM education and professions. Thus, this presentation will focus on the development of a plan for advancing equity in STEM education and representation and creating a diverse, inclusive community of global citizens who can realize their full potential and execute IMSA’s mission to advance the human condition through a model of Equity and Excellence. This Equity and Excellence Model is the intentional integration of Cultural Competence, Diversity, Equity, Equity-Minded Frame, Excellence and Inclusion into every facet of the Academy, with the understanding that it is an active and ongoing process involving structures, processes and people and not an isolated initiative. There will be a specific focus on building cultural competence in the STEM classroom through utilization of a culturally responsive pedagogy.


Presented at the 24th Annual IAGC Conference

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Adrienne Coleman and Sowmya Anjur. "Diversifying the STEM Education to Career Pathway!!!" (2019)
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