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Unpublished Paper
Sketch of a Typology of Abstract Memristic Machines
ThinkArt Lab (2010)
  • Rudolf Kaehr
A typology of memristic machines is sketched. This sketch gives an overview and orientation to the paper “Towards Abstract Memristic Machines”. It also intents to propose a concise systematization of the newly introduced terms and strategies to memristics and morphogrammatics. This sketch is introducing four types of sign-use for four types of machines of fundamentally different paradigms: 1. semiotic, 2. monomorphic, 3. polymorphic and 4. bisimilar abstract machines. Further definitions of abstract machines have to be based on those graphematic notational systems. A realization of such constructions of abstract machines, in contrast to existing abstract machines of the theory of automata, might be an interesting exercise for the reader.
Publication Date
Fall 2010
Citation Information
Rudolf Kaehr. "Sketch of a Typology of Abstract Memristic Machines" ThinkArt Lab (2010)
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