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Machine translation is as ready for you as you are for MT
GALA Blog (2013)
  • Uwe Muegge

Recently, a number of startups – like Asia Online, KantanMT, and SmartMate – have emerged that offer low-cost, subscription-based solutions for creating and using customized SMT engines. These self-service solutions allow the user to submit text for translation to an SMT engine that was customized based on translation memories, glossaries, and other materials that the user submitted. Once a custom engine is in place, which can take less than a day, the user then buys machine translation and possibly other services from the provider.

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Publication Date
March 5, 2013
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Uwe Muegge. "Machine translation is as ready for you as you are for MT" GALA Blog Iss. March 5 (2013)
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