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Do-it-yourself MT: Taking (statistical) machine translation to the next level
tcworld Magazine (2013)
  • Uwe Muegge

New web-based statistical machine translation services are currently revolutionizing the market. These SaaS solutions allow users to customize an MT engine with their own translation memories. As most of these services follow the subscription model, launching a DIY MT project costs only a fraction of deploying a traditional machine translation tool, which makes this powerful technology affordable for even the smallest organization.

  • machine translation,
  • statistical machine translation,
  • statistical MT,
  • DIY MT,
  • Uwe Muegge,
Publication Date
July 15, 2013
Citation Information
Uwe Muegge. "Do-it-yourself MT: Taking (statistical) machine translation to the next level" tcworld Magazine Vol. 8 Iss. July (2013)
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