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Power Struggle over Ukraine: Systemic Observations
The Globalized World Post (2014)
  • Zenonas Tziarras, Strategy International
The Syrian civil war and now Ukraine. These are only two examples of crises over which the United States and Russia have bumped heads recently. Some might be tempted to call this a “new Cold War,” but it’s really not. Yes, the geopolitical competition and power struggle might be obvious and similar. And even the race for maximizing the spheres of influence. But the ideological context is different and therefore there is no clash of politico-economic systems, not to mention that calling the current international system “bipolar” is simplistic, to say the least. What we have now is a primarily intra-systemic, capitalist, geo-economic competition fuelled and exacerbated by identity politics, history and national security considerations.
  • Ukraine,
  • Russia,
  • EU,
  • USA,
  • International System,
  • Power Relations,
  • Power Struggle,
  • Russia,
  • NATO,
  • World Order
Publication Date
March, 2014
Citation Information
Zenonas Tziarras. "Power Struggle over Ukraine: Systemic Observations" The Globalized World Post (2014)
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